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 Wild Midnight Star Mustangs

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PostSubject: Wild Midnight Star Mustangs   Mon May 07, 2012 3:45 pm


I believe most people on this are on, I am. My username on this and on Howrse is ~Anglique'~. On Howrse and this--I might have to wait several years until I make a website, even a free one-- I am accepting all Mustang Howrse breeders to breed with me on Howrse.....And on this, perhaps, once I find out more about this club!

I hope that most everyone enjoys this, and I have one breed mare on Howrse, one stallion, (NOT gelding) and two contest mares. Anyway, thanks, and I hope you join!
Just say, well, that "I join!" But you MUST have, I repeat MUST have one/unlimited mare/stallion mustang! Must be at least 2 years, 6 months to join. Thanks!


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Wild Midnight Star Mustangs
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