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 ~From Claws to Fingers~ 1*Warrior Readers ONLY. This is a Clan story!!!!!

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PostSubject: ~From Claws to Fingers~ 1*Warrior Readers ONLY. This is a Clan story!!!!!   Mon May 07, 2012 4:30 pm

Hello, this is No. 1 of my new stories! You'll see these randomly spread around the forum, and all of my next ones will have links to all the story posts before it; Very Happy
So, anyway, are you a girl or boy?What's your name? Choose it! Just choose what gender you are right now, but below are name choices for girls.

Sandpaw, Duckpaw, Ravenpaw, Jewelpaw, Mosspaw, Riverpaw, Icepaw, Snowpaw, Bluepaw, Fernpaw, Whitepaw, Dawnpaw, Mistpaw, Shadowpaw, Nightpaw
Boy's names: (toms):
Redpaw, Cloudpaw, Stormpaw, Blackpaw, Hawkpaw, Falconpaw, Tigerpaw, Lionpaw, Greenpaw, Rainpaw, Hailpaw, Bramblepaw, Thornpaw, Thistlepaw

Anyway, choose!! Smile This name will count throughout all of the story, so choose one you like!!
What do you look like?
Sandpaw has dark ginger fur and green eyes; Duckpaw has brown fur, with milky white stripes and black eyes. Ravenpaw is pure black, with amber eyes. Jewelpaw is a white-gray, with blue eyes. Mosspaw is a reddish tortoiseshell. Riverpaw is a gray-blue furred cat, with green eyes. Icepaw is, of course, pure white, with blue paws, the exact opposite of Ravenpaw. Snowpaw is white with dusky blue eyes, and a black eartip on her right ear. Bluepaw is gray-blue, with dark blue eyes that look purple. Fernpaw is a gingerish color, with green eyes. Whitepaw was white, with stormy blue eyes and a hot spirit, and also has gray paws and ears. Dawnpaw is a creamy red-white, with golden eyes. Mistpaw is a light gray, with black eyes. Shadowpaw is pure black, with green eyes, and Nightpaw is black with gray ears, paws, and tail-tip, and has amber eyes. Redpaw is a dark ginger, with amber eyes, Cloudpaw is dappled gray-and-white, and has fierce blue eyes. Stormpaw is a gray-blue, with black stripes and amber eyes. Blackpaw is pure black, with gray rings around his tail and blue eyes. Hawkpaw is a dusky brown, with sharp green eyes. Falconpaw is a light brown, with dusky black stripes and gray rings around his tail. He has green eyes. Tigerpaw is a dark ginger, with black stripes and rings, and has amber eyes. Lionpaw has a unusual golden ruff, and light ginger fur and amber eyes. Greenpaw is a green-gray, with moss-colored eyes. Rainpaw is a dark gray, with blueish stripes. Hailpaw has white fur with gray patches and amber eyes. Bramblepaw has brown fur and gray-green rings around his tail and amber eyes. Thornpaw has green eyes and is light gray, with black stripes. Thistlepaw is dark gray, with blue eyes and black rings, ears, and feet.

~The Story Begins!~
~From Claws to Fingers~ Chapter 1*

You open your eyes to the dim light streaming through the roof. Your eyes first meet the warm eyes of your mother.
What should your mother be named? Dawnstream, Cloudpool, Nighttail, Fernleap, Jewelstream, Mistcloud, Sandfeather, Icepool, Bluefur, Snowwhisker
(Note--your mother will be called Dawnstream by me, but you can call her something else)
Dawnstream smiles at you. "Wh-who are you?" you ask, shivering. But Dawnstream warms you with a gentle lick of her soft tongue, and wraps her tail around you. "Don't you know, ? I'm your mother, Dawnstream." She calls softly outside the little den of brambles. Although you hadn't noticed before, you were on a big nest of soft moss. Brambles and ferns arched overhead. Soft light streamed through the bramble roof.
A meow answered Dawnstream's. You strained your ears in surprise. There were other cats than your mother and you? Seemed there was, because a huge black tom squeezed through the white entrance. You had just figured it was another wall, but white, and so you stared in amazement as he went through the wall.
Dawnstream purred at your wonderment. "Oh, , that's not another wall. It's the light from outside. Outside there is camp, with all sorts of cats, young and old, big and small, and a pile of prey and dens. Outside the camp there is a forest
By the way, you live in ThunderClan.
You can hardly believe your ears. What is a forest? What is a camp?
Dawnstream is introducing the black cat. " , this is your father, . He stayed by your side all night. You're only a day and a night old, you know."
What's your father's name?
I'll be calling him Crowtail, so as not to confuse him with other cats. But you may call him something else.
Crowtail looks you over. "He/she's a nice little kit, alright," he confides to Dawnstream. Dawnstream smiles, and purrs, "of course she is. She's your kit." Crowtail nodded with warmth. He gives you a lick, then backs out. "I'm on the morning hunting patrol," he tells Dawnstream. "I'll be back though, to see my little daughter/son!" he calls to you, as he heads out back into the 'camp.'
After suckling your mother for several minutes, and learning what a forest is (a bramble that's really, really big, and so many of them all put together, with leaves and moss at their bottoms and on their 'branches'), you fall asleep.

You wake up from a deep sleep. Groaning, you get up from bed. Your clothes are rumpled. What's your human name?
Cassie (Cass)

Boy names--
Edward (Ed)
(Note--sorry, I'm terrible at boy names!!)
You yawn, and rake your fingers through your hair. Wait--fingers? Aren't you a kit, deep in the forest somewhere? You shake your head. Boy, what a wierd dream!
You get up and head to the living room, but after you've dressed and packed your schoolbag. Your mom left a note and a breakfeast of pancakes on the table. The note says,

Good morning, sleepyhead. Left a breakfeast for you. There's some more on the counter. Heat it up for ten seconds if hungry. Love you. Mom.

That's right, you think. Short and sweet, and does the job.You hurriedly eat the pancakes and head out the door.
At school, the renowned bully Jonathan Hanes gives you a noogie, but you ignore him and head home. You're so happy that, after the school period, to go back home. Your mom still isn't there, so you plop onto the bed, taking off your clothes and redressing into hiking clothes and boots. You take a whistle in case you get lost. Heading out, you go into the forest.

Hope you liked it!
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PostSubject: Re: ~From Claws to Fingers~ 1*Warrior Readers ONLY. This is a Clan story!!!!!   Tue May 08, 2012 12:25 am

That is an awesome story! Pleats post more!

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News Reporter
News Reporter

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PostSubject: Re: ~From Claws to Fingers~ 1*Warrior Readers ONLY. This is a Clan story!!!!!   Sun May 13, 2012 12:27 am

I will, Bella! I must, however, give some credit to's forum, because someone has a story similar to this. However, this story is 2/3rds my own, the last third the human-turning-into-cat-in-dreams thingy. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: ~From Claws to Fingers~ 1*Warrior Readers ONLY. This is a Clan story!!!!!   

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~From Claws to Fingers~ 1*Warrior Readers ONLY. This is a Clan story!!!!!
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