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 From Claws to Fingers~2*This is a Clan Story! Please only Warrior Readers read!!!

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PostSubject: From Claws to Fingers~2*This is a Clan Story! Please only Warrior Readers read!!!   Fri May 11, 2012 4:28 pm

Link to first post of this--
Hello! If you didn't read the last post, please copy the link above and go to it. If you read it, come back here! =D
We started off last time with your person walking into the forest. You hiked deep into it.......

You hike deep into the forest. Ferns rustle and twitch. You suddenly hear a slight hiss, and you catch a glimpse of a pair of golden eyes staring at you from the ferns. You blink, and they're gone. Strange, you think. What is it?
If it's a dog, fox or racoon you could get in serious trouble. You're still spooked by the eyes and the possibility of the fox. Is it really worth the risk, you wonder. But you still head along a path that has tiny little paw impressions in it. Cat, you think.

Finally you see a ravine that goes down sharply, with boulders on a steep, bushy, sandy path. You edge down cautiously, and hear at the bottom. . . .Meows? Hisses? Low yowls?
Indeed, you're getting thorougly scared.
But you keep on going. Even if you try to return, you have to find a safer path. You have to stumble and climb up boulders to return, and you didn't want to risk the terrifying path once more. So finally you reach the bottom. Woah, you think, surveying the ravine. You hadn't realized just how dangerous the path/ravine truly was until you reached the bottom.
You turn around. There's some slight scuffling, but nothing much. There was, however, a deep impression in the dirt, where there looked liked a heap of squirrels had been sitting. And was that--a mouse tail sticking out from a rock? Indeed it was. You're thoroughly scared, but then you see a cave of brambles. You get on your hands and knees and go in it. It looks peaceful--familiar. Suddenly it strikes you. This is the den from your dream! Indeed, there are pawprints and nests of moss and bracken in the den. Stretching out, you do something you never intended to do. You......fall......*yawn*........asleep.

You wake up, heart pounding. You look down at your--wait, paws!

So ends this. Sorry it's short, but I MUST go. Sorry!
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From Claws to Fingers~2*This is a Clan Story! Please only Warrior Readers read!!!
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