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 ~From Claws to Fingers~3*Warrior Readers ONLY. This is a Clan Story!!!

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~From Claws to Fingers~3*Warrior Readers ONLY. This is a Clan Story!!! Empty
PostSubject: ~From Claws to Fingers~3*Warrior Readers ONLY. This is a Clan Story!!!   ~From Claws to Fingers~3*Warrior Readers ONLY. This is a Clan Story!!! Icon_minitimeSun May 13, 2012 2:10 am

If you haven't read the last two posts of these, copy the following and go to it:

So, let's begin where we ended last time, shall we?

Chapter 3*~

You were a cat. How is this possible? you wonder. But there's more trifling things. Your mother, Dawnstream, tugs you back into her soft belly fur. You're in a cramped space, behind the cozy, cuddly nursery. Dawnstream lets out a quiet whisper-- " , stay back here! The Twoleg may be only a kit, but she can hurt! She looks almost like a full-grown Twoleg, too! You don't want to end up like a kittypet, do you?"
Suddenly, the Twoleg grunts. You let out a shiver. But--that's you! Then, all of a sudden, it hits you. You're a Twoleg--a human, whatever. Whenever you fall asleep in human form, you'd be a cat. When asleep in cat form, you'd be a human. You shiver again, at the thought of why this calamity had come upon you. But Dawnstream misinterprets it.
"It's alright, ," she whispers reassuringly. "The warriors will keep any nasty twoleg kits from you." You stare up into Dawnstream's face. Your mother-geez, cat mother-had said you were nasty! Honestly. . . . . .
Suddenly, the human stirred, and you were whipped back into the mind of a human.

You stretch, and get up. Hands! Oh hands, precious hands, were pushing you up. You were a human. Now that you're a human again, you're sure that the cats were all a dream. You get up, shouldering the moss that stuck to your shoulders off, and headed out of the bramble cave. You peer behind it; on one side there's a wall of gorse, and the other was close to a wall of stone. You take the stone, and luckily you're slender; you edge through and head away.
Back at your home, you're tired from your long hike. But you don't want too go to sleep; so, remembering the cats, you go to your room. A laptop's under your bed; thus you
Choice 1. Take it out
Choice 2. Get a book on psychology
If you choose Choice 1, you take out the laptop and Google 'psychology between cats and humans' and come up with zero answers, except for two adds: Dr. Rivley's Psychic Powers! Only 11$ per visit! and Cat Health Care & Shoppe in fancy letters. Sighing, you shut off the computer. If you want to try Choice 2, you can, but come up with nothing.
If you choose Choice 2, you go out onto the driveway and unchain your bike and get on. You roll onto the driveway, and head to the Dune County Library. Going in, you smile at Rita Lisley, the pretty female librarian. You ask her, "Where is the science section?" She leads you over the nonfiction science books. You study them, but don't find any books on cat/human psychology. You ask Miss Lisley for a permission slip into the Restricted Area, which is full of serious/adult books, like psychology, but she refuses, with a "It's not appropriate for little girls." You sigh and don't remind her you're thirteen, and go out and get on your bike. Looks like you're not going to get anything on psychology. If you want to try Choice 1, you can, but come up with nothing.
You sigh. Nothing. Well, you think, time to sleep on it. So you slip into your bed, although it's only 7:30 (seven thirty) and drift into a deep slumber.

You wake up--and you have paws once more. It was starting to get boring, turning into a human/cat from a human/cat. But this is different. You're not in the cosy, cuddly, sweet-smelling nursery. You're in a beautiful spot between mossy banks. A cheerful river gurgles pleasantly as it rumbles and flows alongside you. You smile in contentment. How sweet. Perfectly sweet.
Suddenly, a shadow falls over you. The cat looks a little familiar; it's a tortoiseshell she-cat, with dark amber eyes and a confused expression, her whiskers arched in surprise and her eyes wide with the same emotion.
" kit?"
You blink--now you recognize this cat! She was next to you when you-no, you think, the twoleg kit was in the nursery. "Wh-who are you?"
The cat has a regal bearing, and nodds. She is slender, graceful, and beautiful, with obviously sharp wits and dreamy, but moderately senisible eyes. "I'm Dapplestar, your leader," she meows. "I was hunting a squirrel when all of a sudden a sweet scent whooshed around me, flooding into my nose and perfuming the air. Then, I opened my eyes here. I walked over the rise--" she nods to the left bank--"and saw you."
You're confused, too. Now it makes sense that Dapplestar's surprised and confused, too. But then a scent flushed with leaves--the herb was marigold, although you didn't know it--poured into the dip. A pretty, long-furred gray she-cat, with a white belly and long, gray-blue ears and pelt, padded into the dip. Dapplestar seemed incredibly surprised to see her.
"Mistcloud! How is this possible!"
The she-cat, who Dawnstream had earlier explained to you to be the medicine cat of your Clan, seems just as confused as Dapplestar and you. "I woke up in a little glade over here. I smelt a sweet scent, and followed its trail. It ends here, at the top of the rise."
Dapplestar is even more confused at this. "How'd we all end up in the same dream? And--"
A beautiful ginger she-cat with white paws, ears, and tail was padding down the slope. "Hello," she greets you, Mistcloud, and Dapplestar. She talks with a dreamy, lovely, lilting quality, and her beauty seems to make Mistcloud's like a joke, and Dapplestar's like a wilting flower. She seems and sounds gentle, kind and loving.
Dapplestar stares, shocked to the utmost. "Amberspirit!"
You've remained silent all this time, unaware of what's going on. Finally you burst out, "Who's Amberspirit?!"
Mistcloud and Dapplestar take no notice of you. "Amberspirit!" Dapplestar repeats. "You always come in times of greatest calamity. Why're you here now, unless this means bad times for our--" Dapplestar is cut off by a loud meow. Mistcloud is surprised, and Dapplestar tenses.
Amberspirit nodds kindly to me, and smiles at your seniors, and then disappears as suddenly as she'd appeared.
The same meow that had broken off Dapplestar says, "This doesn't make sense. I smell ThunderClan, and the scent's disappeared!"
Then a dark brown cat appears over the rise. A black medicine cat follows, and a gray leader comes last. To your surprise, Amberspirit's scent is on all sides of the clearing, and more meows are approaching. The scent of earthen moor comes closer, along with the meows from what is revealed to be a skinny white tom, a ginger she-cat, and a rust-colored tom. Also comes a group that smells like fish, and they're a ginger she-cat, a black tom, and a river-gray tom.
You stare around in all directions. What is happening!????!!!

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~From Claws to Fingers~3*Warrior Readers ONLY. This is a Clan Story!!!
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