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 ~From Claws to Fingers~4*Warrior Readers Only!! This is a Clan story!

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~From Claws to Fingers~4*Warrior Readers Only!! This is a Clan story! Empty
PostSubject: ~From Claws to Fingers~4*Warrior Readers Only!! This is a Clan story!   ~From Claws to Fingers~4*Warrior Readers Only!! This is a Clan story! Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 5:31 pm

Okay, these are the links to 1, 2 and 3 so if you haven't read them READ them!! They are the story parts before...
Well, if you've read them, let's begin where we left off!

You stare around, startled and starting to cringe and strange smells flare around you. "What's happening!" you hiss to your leader, your claws instinctively going out.
It's Mistcloud who responds--but not to you. "Nightmask!" she cries, staring at the black medicine cat. "Wildstar! Brackenfoot!"
The black medicine cat's head snaps up. The gray he-cat's green eyes glow with disbelief, and the dark brown tabby, Brackenfoot, looks up in surprised distress.
Dapplestar stares. "How is this possible?" she gasps. "Not only are we in each other's dream, but ShadowClan, WindClan and RiverClan are in our dream, too!"
Wildstar growls from the top of the slope, staring into the basin of the earth. "ThunderClan!" he snarls. "I might've known. How're you here?"
At the same moment, the ginger she-cat leaps into the basin, bowling over Dapplestar. "Dapplestar!" she says, aghast. "I didn't know you were there!" she scrambles of your leader. Dapplestar clambers to her feet, shaking the dust off her paws. "Goldenstar!" she cries in shock. "Grayfur! Nightpelt!"
At that time, the cats smelling of moor jog into the ditch. "Dapplestar! kit! Mistcloud!" cries the figure at their head, the slender white tom.
Mistcloud whips around. "Whitestar?" she says in disbelief. The ginger she-cat following Whitestar and the rust-colored tom pause.
Dapplestar turns. "Whitestar!" she cries, shocked. "Rustfur! Redtail!"
The ginger she-cat looks up at the name Redtail. "Dapplestar?" she gasps.
The shocked clamorings from the twelve Clan cats is stopped by the swirl of mist and wind and the appearance of Amberspirit.
"Whitestar, Dapplestar, Wildstar, Goldenstar," she greets the group calmly."Brackenfoot. kit. Grayfur. Mistcloud. Nightpelt. Rustfur. Redtail.Nightmask."
Wildstar stops and stares in disbelief. "Amberspirit?" he gasps in disbelief.
Nightmask quickly recovers. "Amberspirit!" he cries, shouldering through Grayfur and Brackenfoot. "How are you here?"
Amberspirit gazes at him, eyes full of affection. "Oh, Nightmask," she sighs. "You're not all here yet. Wait."
And, after waiting exactly a minute, with Amberspirit patiently waiting, and you fidgeting with/im/patience and the others waiting silently, you hear the grouchy meow of elders. Four cats come over the rise and into the dip.
Dapplestar stares. "Grassflower?" she mews in disbelief. "Greenhawk? Redflight? Mouseclaw?"
Grassflower smells of moor. WindClan, you think. Greenhawk, you discern, is RiverClan, and Mouseclaw ShadowClan. You sniff deeply and discover Redflight is from your own Clan.
"Now," says Amberspirit calmly, "You're all here. I have something to say to you," she decrees.
"StarClan has percieved this is the right time. The Shadow is coming over the Clans. Rats, foxes, wolves, lion---they will destroy you."
Silence could've crushed you, if Amberspirit hadn't spoken again.
"Moons ago, StarClan each gave you human identities. Dapplestar, you are forty-three-year-old Rose Stuart. kit," now she's speaking to you, "you are , aged 12. Mistcloud, you are thirty-eight, called Elise Hagen, married to non-cat Jack Hagen. Wildstar, you are the human fifty-two, named Richard Anderson. Nightmask, you are the married Thomas Jones, with your wife Lily Jones. Greenhawk, you are eighty-three, named Mary O'Toole."
Dapplestar gave a start. "Mary O'Toole!" she cried. "I visited Mary O'Toole yesterday at the resting home!"
Amberspirit nods calmly. "Indeed, you did," she said. "Redflight, you are ninety-seven, named Charles Turnley. Mouseclaw, you are seventy-eight, married to Harvey Johnson and named Eliza Johnson. Grassflower, you are one hundred and one, named Samantha Turnley, married to the elderly cat-human Charles Turnley."
Grassflower starts in extreme agitation. "I'm not mated to Redflight!" she cries. Redflight yelpes. "And I'm not mated to a RiverClan cat!" he hisses.
"No, you're not," agrees Amberspirit. "You're mated to Whitefeather, Redflight. But in human life, you're married to Samantha Turnley. Grassflower, you're mated to Hawkclaw--and married to Charles Turnley."
The cats subside into angry muttering. Amberspirit continues, "Rustfur, you are Jonathan Mueily. You are married to Sara Mueily. Nightpelt, you are Bruce Halvey, aged seventeen. Grayfur, you are twenty-five, named Kenneth Tyles and married to Charlice Tyles. Goldenstar, you are sixty-one, married to Josh Hanover, named Alicia Hanover. Brackenfoot, you are Jack Ridley, aged thirty-two. Whitestar, you are thirty-eight, married to Anna Chase, named Leslie Chase. Redtail, you are Portia Crimpley, fourteen.
"I have called you together on behalf of StarClan. Riley Hoshefi and her friends Lilac Tollie and Toby Sanderson are introducing extinct breeds of foxes and wolves to the forest you live in. Lions, they are working out with the government, might come. Rats will be introduced newly to the forest. If this happens, you will be killed or driven out. As humans, you must find Lilac, Riley, and Toby. They are good people, but you must bring them to understand that lions, wolves, rats and foxes will not thrive here. There are too many humans. Take them to Waterfillis State Park. Do this--or it will be the end of the Clans as we know it."
And you melted into wakefulness.
You stretched over your bed. You were a human! Remembering your dream, you resolved to do what Amberspirit told you. Rose Stuart was a friend of your mother's, who was named Thyra. Right now you could hear her bustling about in the kitchen. "Mom!" you called, leaping to your feet and jogging down the hall. You stopped in the kitchen.
That wasn't your mom!
A brown-haired woman, in her forties, you estimated, stood washing dishes. She had a tie-died black and orange shirt. She smiles at you.
"Hello," she says in a warm voice. "I'm Rose Stuart. Your mom is going to be later than usual, so she 'phoned me and asked me to take care of you."
What luck!
"Hi," you say, recovering. "You look sleepy. Were you sleeping?" "Yep," she responded. "On the sofa."
"I thought so," you answer. You sit at the table, watching her closely.
Finally, after some silence, you have to say, "Dapplestar?"
Rose starts. But then she says, " kit?"
You grin. "I'll call you Rose if you just call me by my human name. 'Coz in human life, I'm not a kit."
Rose laughs. "Well," she says, her voice becoming serious, "We need to go find Wildstar and Whitestar and Goldenstar's warriors and them, and we need to find the elders."
"True," you agree.
Then a knock on the door comes. And your mom strides in. "Rose," she says, voice trembling with suppressed fury, "Daughter, we have to talk."

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~From Claws to Fingers~4*Warrior Readers Only!! This is a Clan story!
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