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 Jumper's League

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PostSubject: Jumper's League   Jumper's League Icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2012 4:04 am

Welcome to Jumper's,the first official club for those who ride English,and are going to or already are jumping.

So,what is the purpose of this club?
To share our experiences with jumping,horses,and much more. We also would like to offer gentle critique from other members,by posting video links (must be allowed by parents) or pictures of your problems.

Who can join?
Anyone who has at least trotted over ground poles and gone into a two-point position. Whoever has done those two things at least once can join.

~Rules~ (Yup,can't get out of reading these.)
1.Respect everyone here,no matter what their gender,age,or riding skill.
2.Gentle critique is okay. Show both the negatives and the positives.
3.Please share experiences if they apply to the current topic people are talking about.
4.This is NOT a chat topic. Do not wonder off topic please.
5.No advertisements or chains.
6.Follow ALL site rules. I shouldn't be mentioning this,because you all already should be following site rules,but I'll do this anyways.
7.I have the Three-Strikes-And-Yer-Out rule. Break three rules,and I'll kick you out of the club.
8.You have to answer a really easy question that shouldn't take you more than a minute to figure out. This tells me that you're not a robot,and that you actually are getting close to jumping. I really don't want some beginner who can barely trot coming into here,saying they can jump,and then I find out they're lying.

Here's the short form for joining(Delete everything in ()

Horse's name(lesson horse,etc)-
Have you jumped?(It's okay if you say no if you're getting close to jumping.)-
When cantering,what's the EASIEST way to switch your lead?(You should know this  by now)-
Other(Anything we should know? Like that you only ride in the summer?)-

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Jumper's League
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